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Best Hair Straightener Brands – Straight Hair

How to Choose a Straightener for Hair

03.12.2014 (9:56 am) – Filed under: Fashion

First straightener’s hair appeared more than a century on the back: a comb of seven thick metal teeth, which after on heating straightened hair s, patented in 1906 by Simon Monroe, and three years later Isaac GCD proposed a new model of the device, consisting of two pressed together irons.

Modern straightener’s hair have a similar structure, odes to not only straighten hair s, but also make it more smooth and shiny. About how to choose a rectifier for hair, discuss in this article.   Various models rectifiers for hair different capacity,

the number on the tank, the maximum temperature in the heating and the possibility of its adjustment, as well as a number of other important parameters. Narrow rectifiers suited to create unusual hairstyles; wide effective when working with thick stubborn hair s. has s on and off the ironing surface material: metal less expensive, ceramic ensure more uniform at Grave and Teflon better glide over hair am.

General recommendations first on what to look for when choosing a rectifier for hair – it is easy and safe to use it. Handle Doll to be not too thick; it is desirable to contrast rubber to masonry, non-slip. Well, if the device will be with on beano indicator of inclusion, as well as a display for displaying the main parameters of the operation. Some models have the edges of the plate’s cold zones on and off after a certain time on heating, which increases their safety. In contrast, heat-resistant cover or loops on which to hang the rectifier for cooling will be very helpful.

The power and temperature for dry, thin, damaged hair ironing temperature should not to exceed 130 degrees Celsius, for thick and unruly – 180 degrees. Note that modern rectifiers usually heated to 230 degrees or more, odes on to use that does not work. Better, capture finer strands at low temperature than trying to straighten out once a lot of hair. In the heated rectifiers for 10-20 seconds, which provides high-speed operation.

It is important that the device had a temperature controller, which enables it to select the optimal mode for your type of hair.  The coating material cheapstraightener’s hair available, usually with metal irons. Their drawback – the uneven heating across the area of the plate, due to which the hair ‘s severely injured in some LP on x and straightened in others.For More Info: flat iron reviews

Ceramic irons do not have this “minus”, though a bit more expensive. Coverage of Teflon to provide ironing easy sliding on strands and Tourmaline performs ionization Restore on infuses moisture balance, has antibacterial properties and facilitates combing. Titanium coating is resistant to scratching on m and diamond for dusting gives hair extra shine am.

However, for non-metallic plates can at Lipan cosmetics, and clean the dirt without damaging the surface will not be easy.  There are also rectifiers; plates are cover with a special compound with moisturizing and conditioning elements. They provide care for hair s and enough layers on several years of intensive use.